Honey B Nectar from Hungry Monkey Company Review by OCWeedReview.Com

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Honey B Nectar from Hungry Monkey Company Review by OCWeedReview.Com

I was able to meet up with the Hungry Monkey Company during a recent Weed 4 Warriors event held at the OC Norml office in Santa Ana.  After a sesh and a sampling and some fine conversation, I walked away with their Honey B nectar to feature on the site.  The 2013 HTCC 1st place winner in San Bernardino in the extracts category, Honey B is a Barney’s Farm creation and as soaring a sativa as you can find.

This extract sample from the Hungry Monkey Co. was a buttery light color and had a softer consistency.  It worked well in several of our pens in the office, as well as off our domeless ceramic.  Honey B as a concentrate makes for a flavorful dab, like sweet candied orange, with a sugary after-taste on the exhale.   I could vape this extract all day.  And I did. Until it was gone

Modest dabs of this Honey B nectar created enormous clouds of vapor, and lung expansion was out of this world.  The high hits immediately in a rush upon exhale.  It is physically comforting, but Honey B really shines in its cerebral effects, as expected from its almost entirely sativa genetics.  The clear, focused high makes it useful as a workday strain.  But patients will find it an effective treatment for depression and other psychosomatic symptoms at any time.

There is little wonder that Honey B scored the gold two years ago at the SoCal Cannabis Cup.  An incredibly uplifting sativa, we quickly exhausted our sample from the Hungry Monkey Company with constant, flavorful dabs.  A crowd favorite, and enthusiastically endorsed by us here at the Review, sativa lovers are sure to love this extract.

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