420 Bar: Popping Candy and Dark Chocolate

Seeing this candy bar was quite a blast from the past, since Pop Rocks were a large part of my childhood.  I had to take this edible home, if for nothing more than the nostalgia.  Because we all know that Pop Rocks mixed with soda will make your stomach explode, I decided to take this snack to the local coffeehouse to wash it down with a latte.  The first bite off the bar erupted in my mouth.  It was like eating a Krackle bar that wouldn’t stop krackling, as the candies popped their way across my tongue.  Mixed in with this tactile experience was a nice dark chocolate taste, whose bitterness mixed with the cannabis bite to mask it.  The whole candy bar has just four ingredients: dark chocolate, popping candy, corn syrup, and cannabis.  This shows a simplicity in this complicated world that I can respect.

The serving sizes per dose are small, which is good if you are watching your sugar and calorie intake.  A single segment is only 25 calories, meaning there are more mgs of THC per piece than calories.  Each bar contains 180 mg of THC total from 4.2 grams of dried cannabis.   I intended on eating a third of the bar, a 60 mg dose.  However, I broke off an extra piece in my mouth and medicated with half the bar.  Whoops!  Though a 90 mg edible is hardly unheard of, it was more than was needed from this effective edible.

The 4.20 Bar has a real easy come on.  It was hardly noticeable, until suddenly it was there.  The high started soft in the joints, which was followed shortly by an uplifting, pleasant mood.  I hate the not-really-a-word word melty.  But this edible’s high is physically melty.  Only an invented word can describe it.  It also heightened the senses, making everything enjoyable, and offered great visual and aural effects.  My skin absolutely came alive.  It was a bit locky.  I ate my half and slowly lost the will to work as it kicked in.  Not that I’m complaining.  I spent several moments enjoying open eye visuals as the the sun played off a fountain near by.  I’ve been rush, rush, rushing lately for my many jobs and responsibilities.  Even my free time, as infrequent as it came along, was invaded by thoughts of what needed to be done.  It was a dear euphoria to find myself drifting off in a daydream with not a single thought on my mind.  In today’s world, who doesn’t need this every once in a while.  There was a glow about the high that rubbed off on everyone I came in contact with.  For pain sufferers, don’t think your relief is ignored with the high THC count.  There is just enough CBD and CBN to encourage physical health, too.  Regardless of your medicating needs, 4.20 bars have got you covered.


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Auntie Dolores Caramel Popcorn Edible Review

When it comes to edibles, it is a largely unregulated field.  Auntie Dolores uses Halent Scientific, one of the most popular cannabis testing labs, to test their edibles for both cannabinoid content and contaminants.  This ensures even, reliable medicating with every use.  It is this trustworthiness and transparency that creates repeat customers in this market.  And I know I’ll be a fan of Auntie D for life.

Auntie Dolores has a wide variety of edibles on the market: including brownie bites, pretzels, and nuts.  The caramel corn contains 127 mgs of thc and a total of over 145 mgs of cannabinoids in all.  I broke the bag into two doses of about 65 mgs of thc.  This proved to be more than enough for half a day of medication.  A patient could easily get 4 or more doses per package, depending on tolerance.

Auntie Dolores uses all natural, gluten free ingredients.  This doesn’t mean that these snacks are good for you, but at 160 calories, they are more healthful than most treats out there, medicated or not.  Sweet, smooth, and tasty, each piece melts in the mouth.  There is a very limited smell and taste of cannabis.  The caramel is decadent, and the popcorn is high quality.  There are no small pieces or unpopped kernels to get stuck in your teeth or crack a crown.

The high offered from this edible is very uplifting and talkative.  It then transitioned into a euphoric and pleasing haze, the potency of which depended on dose.  The body relief is overshadowed, but still effective and very energetic.  This is clearly a sativa leaning high, and like other Auntie Dolores products, it is known for being long lasting.  I found this edible to be most efficient when using it to find respite from stress, anxiety, and depression.  Its cerebral and mood altering expressions are just what those suffering from mental illness need to function day to day, and it is less invasive than a Zoloft each day.

I had the pleasure of using this medicated popcorn during work and out on a boat off the OC coast.  Edibles are convenient in their discretion, and I felt like I could comfortably medicate any where.  The long lasting sativa high also transitions well between work and play, making these treats an essential addition to my day.

$15/ bag.

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Cheeba Chews: Sativa Edible Review

I began using sativa Cheeba Chews about a year ago to deal with my social anxiety and stage fright.  Personally, the sativa chews are the bees knees, but you can get the quad doses in indica and hybrid as well.  Cheeba Chews are just a bit larger than a 6 by 2 Lego piece and are softer than their closest living relative, the tootsie roll.  If they become too tacky in warm conditions, they suggest tossing it in the freezer for a few minutes to firm it up.  The taste isn’t too far off from a tootsie roll either.  A bit more bitter, Cheeba Chews own this unique flavor to their advantage.

A full quad dose will get you 70 mgs of THC, about the potency of a joint, according to their website.  A single dose will get you about 1-2 bowl hits.  These must be some hits of fire bud, because I feel these numbers downplay what these little darlings are capable of.  While a full quad dose is enough to drop me into a dreamy haze, with bursting red eyes, I find that a quarter to a third is enough to carry me through half a work day at an even, happy temperament.

Taken 20 minutes or more before I am set to begin a presentation, I find that Cheeba Chews take the edge off enough to ease me on stage.  Choosing a sativa also helps because it adds mood elevation to its anxiety control and even makes me chatty and personable.  The high is always consistent, always clean.  This is another selling point for me.  The last thing I want is to become too stoned for a lecture, leaving me unable to perform my job.  While other edibles are poorly labeled or have wildly varying effects between doses, Cheeba Chews are perfect.  Everytime.


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Trikom Treats Blueberry Lemon Loaf Review


When looking for edibles, sometimes it seems like everywhere we go, it’s the same old story: some variation of a chocolate bar, brownie, or krispy treat.  Enter Trikom Treat’s Blueberry Lemon Loaf.  Proving yet again that cannabis butter or oil can find its way into anything, they continuously offer variety in their delicious baked goods.

The packaging, as is usual for Trikom Treats, is exceptionally detailed.  The back offers full nutritional information and ingredients, all of which are natural.  If I had any skill in baking, I could create this edible with the items in my kitchen right now.  But I don’t have any skill in baking, so I leave it to the pros.  And they don’t disappoint in this instance.  The front side of the label gives testing information, as always offered by The Werc Shop.  The cannabutter went from testing to baking in 6 days.  It was in my mouth in just 7 days more.  That makes for an incredibly fresh and appealing edible.

Speaking of appealing, this Blueberry Lemon Loaf has a brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg crumble top.  The loaf itself is made of lemon cake with blueberries–big blueberries–baked in.  How many blueberries?  They are the second ingredient for a reason.  Cannabutter is used in both the cake and the topping, so no matter what part you dig into, you’ll be medicating.

So let’s get down to brass tax.  How does this thing taste?  Well, forget eating half and waiting.  I was scraping the sides with my fork within minutes of starting it.  It was hands down one of the tastiest edibles I’ve ever had.  For those with lower tolerance, one of these edibles could make the day of an entire brunch bunch.  There was no hint of cannabis, although it is loaded with over 100 mg, and the blueberry and lemon are a harmonious pairing.

The come on to the high is heady and intense, and I was distracted by every little thing.   Eventually, this moved into the body in the form of rubbery legs and sleepy relaxation.  There was a nice softness to the high, comforting like a warm blanket on a chilly night or a nap in the sun.  The comedown lasts and lasts, giving a nice bright aura that lingers through your day.


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